Autism Essentials Assessment

Welcome to the National Autism Academy!

Take just 4 minutes to discover new avenues for creating more peace and joy in your family. If you are parenting a child with autism, this assessment is designed to help you easily identify areas in which you would like to make improvements

As a parent, grandparent or educator of a child with autism you are the most crucial contributors to success!

Everyone who completes the Assessment will receive a free guide. “How to Jumpstart Your Success When Working with an Individual on the Autism Spectrum”

Assessment Valuation Scale:

0 = I’ve not addressed this at all.
4 = I’ve given this some attention.
7 = I’m doing really well here.
10 = I have handled this completely.

I. How his/her Brain is Different

1. I understand the relationship between the neurology of the autistic brain and the resulting behavior.

2. I have effective strategies for calming my child when he/she is in a meltdown.

3. I know my child's greatest stimulus triggers and can predict when there will be a problem.

4. I understand first-hand, the experience of sensory overload.

II. Why does he/she do that?

1. I clearly understand why my child behaves anti-socially.

2. I know the reason behind my child's inability to understand the consequences of his/her actions, and I know what to do about it.

3. I know with certainty when my child is manipulating me vs. when he/she is struggling due to the autism.

4. I can easily and consistently motivate my child with autism.

III. Identifying Autistic Thinking Patterns

1. I regularly know what to do about my child's frustrating behavior before we have an explosion.

2. I know why my child won't cooperate, and what to do about it.

3. I have a clear system in place for resolving conflict and use it regularly.

4. My child/children feel involved in decisions that impact them.

IV. Creating Accountability and Long Range Thinking

1. I am currently creating the consistency at home that my child needs to function effectively.

2. I completely undertand why my child struggles with executive functioning and accountability, so it doesn't bother me.

3. I know how to teach my child executive functioning and accountability.

4. I already have all the visual tools I need to support my efforts to help my child grow.

V. Managing Anger and Control

1. I am extremely flexible in changing the way I do things to accommodate my child's needs.

2. I know what to do to successfully help my child regulate their emotions and avoid a meltdown.

3. I know how to communicate with my child to get the results I want.

4. My child has the tools he/she needs to manage their anger consistently and completely.

VI. How to Handle the 4 Top Problems Most Parents Face

1. I have thoroughly addressed and conquered the issues with my child's hygiene.

2. My child does his/her homework easily and without any arguing.

3. My child has sufficient social skills to maintain relationships.

4. I have strategies to manage tension and stress related to the behavior of the child with autism in my home.

VII. Your Interest Level (0=not interested, 10=very interested)

1. I am ready to discover my next steps and take action immediately!

2. I am open to investing in the support and guidance I need to effectively parent my child/children with ASD.

3. I highly value the offer of a complimentary Autism Breakthrough Session and, if eligible, I would like to book one right away. (Please make sure you have provided your phone number)

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